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RMR 124 JHP Water Jugs

Ghost In The Fog, Mar 3, 2017
    • BKReloader
      Can you make this video public? I'd love to watch.
    • Ghost In The Fog
      @BKReloader I had no idea it was private and I also had no idea who you were. Now I see. :D
      Just got 1,000 of the new in house 124 JHP's yesterday and a T-shirt that is waaaaay too small LOL.

      When I get home later I will unlock it. I also have some other stuff- some posted here somewhere- and another video and pictures of expansion after finding them in the water jugs. The photography isn't the best but it works for my purposes. Your RMR's are awesome in water jugs. Don't know about ballistic gel or zombies, but always god results in water jugs.
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    Mar 3, 2017
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