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  1. Stevel liked redneck2's post in the thread Semi-Long Range Rifle Options.

    True, but That’s assuming it’s decent quality. I’ve had a couple cheap higher power scopes. Once you compare them to a good quality...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 8:03 AM
  2. Rule3 replied to the thread Seattle pursues gun laws where it can.

    So the people that intend to commit violence are not gonna "leave it behind" locked up. They intend to use it. All a bunch of nonsense...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 8:03 AM
  3. Slamfire liked Old Stumpy's post in the thread Why is .30 Carbine not made in rifles other than the M1?.

    Yup. The history of the Blish lock is almost hilarious. They tried so hard to make a successful battle rifle using their dissimilar...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 8:02 AM
  4. sage5907 liked Flintknapper's post in the thread Scent control.

    You can NOT 'mask' human scent from any animal with an advanced Olfactory system (I.E. Hog, Deer, Canines, Elk, Bear, etc). You can...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 8:02 AM
  5. Slamfire replied to the thread officer charged for the shooting in texas..

    Good points. From what I read, the Cops were outside, walking around her house. The homeowner could not see the vehicles. The Police...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 8:01 AM
  6. G.E. Lee liked Picher's post in the thread First Long Guns - Fun and Games, but also unexpected danger..

    My first long gun was a hand-me-down Daisy Red Ryder that was very anemic and I had to constantly oil the bore/spring to get BBs out the...

    John and Ken.JPG 12 John's Savage 110.JPG Oct 15, 2019 at 8:01 AM
  7. sparkyv liked Havok7416's post in the thread Coated cast bullet velocities?.

    Perhaps your girlfriend/wife/kids/whoever threw some glitter in there when you weren't looking?:D

    Oct 15, 2019 at 7:59 AM
  8. troy fairweather liked hso's post in the thread Frontier forging?.

    Not with all steels. There are air hardened, water and oil quenched steels. Oil and carbon steel work well together, but keep in mind...

    Oct 15, 2019 at 7:57 AM
  9. sparkyv liked Havok7416's post in the thread Coated cast bullet velocities?.

    The coated "speed limit" is right around 2,600 to 2,800 FPS. You will not find issues at pistol velocities assuming the coating is...

    20150827_171812.jpg Oct 15, 2019 at 7:57 AM
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