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Discussion in 'Air Guns' started by 0ne3, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. 0ne3

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    Nov 22, 2014
    I have a Pioneer BB 76. Made by Ultra HI Pioneer. It is in excleant condation. Does any one have any Idea what it is worth? Thanks
  2. arcticap

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    Mar 20, 2005
    Central Connecticut
    The prices seem to be across the board depending on where it's being sold.
    I found 2 auctions dating from 2007 when Pioneers were auctioned, one sold for $225 and the other for $250.
    In 2009, someone posted a private ad for sale on an air gun classifieds site asking $230 and then $225 for his which appeared to have gone unsold with no replies.
    In 2011, one was sold at an antique & estate auction for $150, the pre-auction estimate was $150-$250.
    In 2011, another was sold at auction that looked nearly new with the box & paperwork for $325.
    In Sept., 2018, a Proxi-bid auction for 2 of them that were sold as a pair, one was new in the box and the other had a chopped stock, and the pair sold for $160.

    As with any kind of merchandise, there's the wholesale value and the retail value.
    Whenever something is sold at public auction, you never know how many people are looking for that model and what they are willing to spend to buy it.
    Sometimes it is only a compulsive bid and other times someone is buying who may have been looking for one for a long time.

    The auction venue is also a factor since the more people seeing the online auction ad or are registered to bid increases the chances of an air gunner seeing the ad & buying it.
    The higher the asking price, the longer that it can often take to sell it.
    Plus [live] auctions involve extra fees for the buyer and/or seller which can increase the price [up to 15% -18%] along with shipping.

    Even though they are not all current, I hope that these past sales prices have helped you.
    You can find most of these values on your own by doing a Google search like I did by typing "Pioneer BB76 by ultra high products" into a Google search box.

    And as always, condition and quality photos are most important when trying to sell merchandise online which is where all of these Pioneers were listed.
    I knew an air gun dealer & collector who sold at air gun shows along the East Coast, and would buy estate items and take trade-ins for other guns in his collection.
    Like anything, the values can vary greatly and shows what can account for the difference between wholesale and retail values.
    When folks don't have the time to wait to sell an item for the retail value, then sometimes they settle for the wholesale value or trade for something else.
    Perhaps your Pioneer is worth an average of $200 more or less.
    The best place to find it's current value would be to consult with collectors on an air gun forum.

    If you ever watch re-runs of the "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS, they show if the value of items have gone up or down during the years since the show originally aired.
    It's surprising how many collectible items have lost substantial value over recent years.
    Some items do increase while some values remain pretty much the same.
    I would not expect too much movement with the prices unless it was in really minty condition and the right buyer came along.
    But then that's why there are auctions and classified ads.
    Potential buyers make offers and the sellers either accept or reject them.
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